Susan Sorensen

Edges and horizons have always fascinated me, lines that divide and lines that define. I live near the edge of the Astonished community. Long time friends have been midwives of this amazing vision. I listen from afar, and occasionally visit to receive stories of the struggles, the joys, the spirit and energy of this movement.

The Big Sky Centre for Learning and Being Astonished! How I love this name. Born from fierce love and passionate justice-making, Astonished continues to inspire awe and wonder. With a deep desire to create life-giving community, work and play for adult young people with complex physical disAbilities, this inclusive community is flourishing. It is enabling edges and horizons to shift and move and dance. The spirit shines in the photos on the website, the blogs, the stories online. It is abundantly clear that “dreams are being dreamed, strengths are being explored and the young adults with complex physical disAbilities are leading us all to a more authentically inclusive society”.

In the being/ the faces of all involved, but especially those of the core members, there is such an expression of groundedness and purpose. It is such a basic human need to know our place, to take our place and be affirmed in it. This is happening! And everyone who has been touched by Astonished is being encouraged to push edges, expand horizons and go further and deeper than we could ever have imagined.

This is why I have been a supporter of Astonished and will continue to be a cheerleader of this beautiful community.

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