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Wascana Walk and Wheel

Ever wonder what happens at an A! Social Club event? Check out this review of the Wascana Walk and Wheel by Hannah and Kaitlyn.

The 20th of June brought friends and family together for a gathering of mutual enjoyment of the outdoors. The weather was on our side and the evening was just as lovely as the people enjoying it. Student researchers and core members took part in a scavenger hunt around Wascana Lake and had much fun exploring the area. Looking with detailed eyes to try and complete the list. Many members of the community were present and the lake was seeing many patrons. After a half loop walk and roll the groups retired to the legislative garden and enjoyed some snacks and cake pops with a special occasion gracing our evening. Our practicum student Kevin Ma, celebrating his twenty fifth birthday. It was an evening of picture taking, laughs, flying birds, and one great beautiful sunset.

Photo: Kaitlyn, Kevin, Stephanie, Kelsey, Angela, Amanda.