Future Makers, Doug and Barbara Mader

A Future Maker acts now, for the future, not only for their personal future, but for the future well-being of the wider community. In November 2017, Doug and Barbara Mader gave a generous donation to the Astonished! Endowment Fund through transfer of shares in a stock. The Astonished! Endowment Fund was established in 2015 through the South Saskatchewan Community Foundation. Donations to the Astonished! Endowment Fund are invested in perpetuity, the capital is never touched. It is left to grow. A portion of the annual investment income from the fund may be used for Astonished! operations and programming, thus providing a legacy for Astonished!

If you are considering transferring stocks this is Doug’s advice. “There is no capital gain for either the donor or the charitable organization, a transfer of shares in a stock is a win-win for both. The donor receives a charitable tax receipt for the donation and the charity has annual income it can count on.”

We are deeply grateful to Future Makers Doug and Barbara Mader.

To learn more about transferring stocks, check out this article from the Globe and Mail.

Photo: Barbara and Doug Mader, and Pepper