Creating Inclusive Culture

It is amazing how much can happen in two months. Check out what has been happening at Astonished! during July and August 2017. We are having a wonderful time creating inclusive culture.

Photo: Bobbi-Jo Schmitz, Kevin Ma, Kaitlyn Hoar

Inspiration ~ April Newsletter

Inspiration: the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.  Our April newsletter is filled with stories and events that we hope will inspire you. You can read it here.

PHOTO  A! Student Researchers L-R:  Avery Ottenbreit, Rebekah Lindenbach, Kennen Dorgan, Kelsey Culbert, Kaitlyn Hoar, Sean Davis

February e-news

This ‘Heart Tree’ from Ideas from the Forest blog is a beautiful image to represent the Astonished! Community on Valentine’s Day. Many  hearts all flourishing from one tree. This February newsletter shows some of the places our hearts are creating inclusion, fun, and possibility. We are so happy to have you as part of the Astonished! Heart Tree. Click here for newsletter ………

Astonishing Moments

We are delighted to share our November 2016 e-newsletter with you. Meet some of the University of Regina Students who are learning together with A! student Researchers, A! Staff, and A! Core Members;  scare yourself with photos from the Halloween Howl; check out the A! Social Club events;  and respond to two invitations : Yoga Open House and the A! Holiday Feast.

Photo: Kennedy Gauley, Ben Rumpel, Haley Sokalofsky

Together We Are Doing Amazing Things

If you are looking for a current state of the world at Astonished! then you need look no further than our September e-newsletter. In a few minutes you can see where we have been in the last few months and where we are heading as we move towards autumn and all it holds. Hope you enjoy ……………

Photo credit: John Loeppky and Kelsey Culbert in Neither Heroes NorOrdinary People. Photo by Chris Graham Photo. Globe Theatre, 2016

Inspiring Summer Reading

It’s here! The summer issue of our e-newsletter. The title ‘Inspiring Summer Reading’ has many meanings….. We hope you will be inspired by what you read…… A! summer literacy is inspiring many of the Core Members to read more…….Read the inspiring writing of A! Board Chair, Brenda Rossow-Kimball…….all this and more right here….

Photo: Sarah Campbell (A! Summer Student) and Kelsey Culbert (A! Core Member)

Variety – The Spice of Life

The March A! newsletter highlights some of the variety of life at Astonished! We hope you will take a few minutes to enjoy catching up with us. The big question is ‘How did Rhea Boysen and Katherine Taylor look so fabulous at Wings on Our Wheels ~ Astonished! in Flight when they spent the day racing around doing event preparations’? Thanks to everyone who made it such a great night.

Farewells and Helloes

Our January newsletter is a great way to get current with Astonished! The photo above is from our Social Club Games Night on January 8, 2016.  We hope you will sit back and relax with the news from Astonished!  To read more ………………..

November News e-newsletter

Our bi-monthly newsletter is a great way to get all of the news in one place. We hope you enjoy reading the November News. The newsletter is free and can be sent directly to your inbox. To subscribe please click here.

Photo: Kelsey Culbert, Rebekah Lindenbach, Kennen Dorgan, Dr. Vianne Timmons, Pascal Erickson, Kaitlyn Hoar. June 2015, signing of MOU with the University of Regina