Three cheers for Rebekah Lindenbach!

A tribute to Rebekah Lindenbach from the A! Leadership Team:

Let’s have three cheers for Rebekah Lindenbach! This hard worker and all around great lady has just completed her final contract as a member of the A! Leadership Team. While on this team, Rebekah enthusiastically planned and implemented many fantastic monthly events for the A! community. Rebekah is a true leader and she worked hard at each event to ensure that all A! Core Members had lots of fun and were able to fully participate in whatever activity that was taking place. And she did (and continues to do) it all with a big and bright smile on her face. Rebekah, your diligent effort and joking ways will be truly missed on the team and we hope, no we expect, to continue to see you out at many future events. Now though, you will able to take it easy and soak up all of the well-deserved fun as an honoured guest. Although we continue to welcome any suggestions from you that will help to keep us in line. 🙂

True to her passion for planning and hosting events, Rebekah threw a lovely spring BBQ to celebrate her work with her team. A big thank you for having us, Rebekah and a big THANK YOU for your great work over the past 5 (WOW, 5!) years.  We will see you around very soon! Hip hip hooray!

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  1. Brenda MacLauchlan
    Brenda MacLauchlan says:

    Congratulations Rebekah on your excellent work. Congratulations also on knowing when it is time to move on.

  2. Riva Nelson
    Riva Nelson says:

    Rebekah: this is such a great tribute! I know and love how you share your good humour in everything you do!


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