The A! Social Club heads to Mosaic

Mosaic weekend (July 4 -6) is upon us! The Astonished Social Club was so pleased to take in the Kyiv Ukrainian Pavilion at the dress rehearsal for Mosaic on Wednesday, June 3rd. Going to the Ukrainian Pavilion was the idea of Leadership Team member Kaitlyn Hoar, who attends this dress rehearsal every year, and it was a pleasure to see how popular Kaitlyn and her family are in the Ukrainian community. Thanks to Kaitlyn, we all felt like a bunch of VIPs! Although it was a dress rehearsal, it felt like the real deal: the dancers just as talented, the crowd just as enthusiastic, and the food just as delicious. A round of vareneky (perogies) for everyone, please! Big thanks to all involved for their hospitality and for sharing their bright and vibrant culture with us. We were thrilled to be a part of it.

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