Jake Sawa

There are so many things to love about our association with the University of Regina.  We love it when students come to Astonished! with ideas of how we can partner together. Jake Sawa, U of R Kinesiology grad, came to us last summer with the idea of creating the A! Dance Project. Jake learned some of his moves with Lazylegz Patuelli and created many of his own. Each month we have danced with Jake, strengthen our community, and gained new confidence in our own unique responses to the beat. Last evening was our last official dance time with Jake. He is off to study medicine at the University of Saskatoon. We will miss him and we know he will be a fabulous doctor. Jake brought listening, respect, fun, skill, and the ability to adapt to changing situations to the A! Dance project. All of this will carry him well in his future. Thank you Jake!

Photo- Ryan and Jake catch the beat.

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