Astonished Fall Fun BBQ (!)

For the Astonished Summer Fun BBQ, the second time was most definitely a charm. Originally, we planned to have our BBQ a few weeks ago but due to Ervraz Park being closed to the public on our chosen evening, we had to make a very (very!) last minute cancellation. Though disappointed, everyone was so kind and understanding about the change, and for that we are grateful. We are also grateful that we had much better luck at our second try at Candy Cane Park on September 8th, which served as a super kick off to the fall season. This event also marked at the official start of our new Leadership Team member Erin Hilts who had just returned to Regina after a summer spent in her hometown of Swift Current. She is going to be great to work with and the team is happy to have her on board. Welcome to the team, Erin!

We say, an Astonished! Fall Fun BBQ, does not have a terrible ring to it. Bunny hugs (or, hooded sweatshirts for all of you non-Saskatchewan folk) were a popular wardrobe choice for the evening due to the crisp and refreshing air. Thanks to past A! Board Chair Ruth Blaser on the grill, we had hamburgers and hot dogs that were cooked to perfection. We had lots of our favorite people in attendance (though not all of them!) and lots of big laughs. All in all, our BBQ was worth a second try, as it is truly something to look forward to. What could be better than gathering with your friends and community in the great outdoors? Life is good.

Check out Core Member Pagan Racette’s blog post to get her take on the BBQ!

Photo: Erin Hilts, Ella McIntyre, Shawn Davis

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