Lois Adams and Astonished! Student Research

When Lois Adams completed her long and successful career at the University of Regina she developed a generous, thoughtful, forward-thinking way to direct the funds remaining in her Accountable Professional Expense Account (APEA). Lois requested that an Astonished! Student Research FOAPAL be created. FOAPAL is the acronym used to identify the Fund, Organization, Account, Program, Activity and Location of U of R funds.

The purpose of the Astonished! Student Research FOAPAL is to support research and develop competency in research activities that enhance knowledge specifically in the study of inclusion and diverse abilities.

At a recent Astonished! Program Advisory Committee meeting Astonished! agreed to offer partial financial support to one Astonished! Student Researcher, and one U of R Student, to co-facilitate with Dr. Randy Johner at the Pacific Rim International Conference on Disability and Diversity, October 9-11, 2017. They will be presenting the research video ‘Inclusivity Unmasked’.

This support was made possible through the Astonished! Student Research FOAPAL

When an individual leaves the University, their remaining (prorated) APEA balance is returned to a central pool of funds for APEA budgets unless Financial Services is otherwise directed. Prior to leaving the University, an employee with unused APEA funds now has the option to request their APEA balance be transferred to the Astonished! Student Research FOAPAL.

We encourage employees at the University of Regina who are close to retirement to consider directing their remaining APEA funds to the Astonished! Student Research FOAPAL, or consulting with us about  funding research opportunities.

Thank you Lois Adams, you inspire us, we are indeed Better Together!

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