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December 3rd is the United Nations International Day of Persons with DisAbilities. This year the theme is Workplace Accommodation, Assistive Technology, and Accessible Transport.

A! Student Researcher Kelsey Culbert and University of Regina Kinesiology students; Alicia Gurr, Andi Taylor, and Katherine Michaluk have been teaming together to educate themselves and others about assistive technology and accessible transport.

In November they presented their information to students at Riffel High School and Campbell Collegiate. Kelsey shared her stories about how she uses technology. For example she uses  Dragon Dictate to compose messages and presentations, and has adapted her cell phone to function as a remote control for her television. It was a great way to inspire others about creative uses of assistive technology, to learn how students are currently using technology, and to identify technology they would like to see developed.

Kelsey wants to develop a phone app for Paratransit users:

I would make a Paratransit App to make it more convenient for someone to book a bus, to be able to find out where their bus is, and to add information and comments to their own client files.

Thanks Kelsey, Alicia, Andi, and Katherine for your great work!

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