Summer Literacy 2017 Expression of Interest

A! Core Members interested in the A! Summer Literacy 2017 must complete the Literacy Expression of Interest and return it to Bonnie Cummings-Vickaryous by March 31, 2017.

The A! Summer Literacy program is designed to explore and respond to the literacy strengths, dreams, and needs of Astonished! Core Members. Program content is shaped by the strengths, dreams, and needs of each participant.  To begin, Astonished! staff work with each participant and those close to them to identify their ‘Literacy Strengths, Dreams, and Needs’. Example dreams might include developing literacy skills (reading, numeracy, technology, etc.), increasing literacy skills, or simply having more time to read and/or use various forms of technology.  Based on the strengths, dreams, and needs expressed, program participants will be offered individualized opportunities and/or group opportunities. The program runs Wednesday and Thursday afternoons in July and August, plus optional Tuesday evenings. Please see the Expression of Interest for exact dates.

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