Introducing Kevin Ma

Location, location, location is the mantra for real estate, it might also be one of the mantras for Astonished! Being situated at the University of Regina gives us many opportunities to interact with students, faculty, staff, and volunteers. We are seeing more capacity among University of Regina student volunteers and faculty in working and interacting in meaningful ways, both personally and professionally, with Core Members.

We are pleased that Kevin Ma chose Astonished! for his four month (May-August 2016) Fieldwork Placement. Kevin is completing his last semester in a Bachelor of Kinesiology, majoring in Human Kinetics at the University of Regina.

Katherine Taylor (A! Program Coordinator) is Kevin’s supervisor and a graduate of Kinesiology with a Human Kinetics major.

At the age of 15 Kevin and his older brother moved to Regina to study at Luther College. Coming from Hong Kong they chose Regina and Luther College because they wanted a city and school where the primary language was English and they would have lots of opportunity to speak English. A year later, Kevin’s brother graduated from grade 12 and went on to further studies in England. Kevin chose to stay in Regina and has been here for almost ten years.

Kevin first learned about Astonished! by attending Wings On Our Wheels~ Astonished in Flight with the Kinesiology Student Society.

Kevin is interested in learning more about and with Astonished! and exploring ways people with physical disAbilities can expand their physical and social activity. Three of his learning objectives are:

  • Understanding the value and goals the organization holds,
  • Developing his inclusion skills,
  • Explaining, and understand, how specified program are launched and activated.

When asked about his strengths Kevin said ‘I am open-minded, I learned this from my parents, and growing up in the multi-cultural context of Hong Kong. My parents encouraged us to explore new things. I like finding new places, seeing new things. Sometimes, even though I have lived in Regina for ten years I still find some places that are new to me and I still find it fascinating. I am motivated to learn new things, listen to other people, and make new friends, this all helps to broaden my perspective.

We look forward to learning and working with Kevin.

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