Gratitude for Ella McIntyre

Ella McIntyre was our first employee and has been the Astonished! Program Coordinator for three plus years. It is with sadness we announce that Ella will be moving to the west coast in February 2016. It has been wonderful to have Ella help us grow the Astonished! base, and expand and deepen individual and community relationships, while increasing the confidence and capacities of Astonished!  We would not be where we are without the gifts she has offered us over the past three years. THANK YOU ELLA!

Ruth Blaser, Past Chair of Astonished! wrote this about Ella: Ella has a knack for creating cool relationships and innovative programming with and for A! Core Members and Student Researchers with lots of pop culture thrown in. Ella always brings her own unique creative flair to any task, be it designing literacy curriculum, introducing technology to A! Student Researchers, doing the graphic design for individual’s PATHs, or collaborating on innovative events like the A! Dance Project.

In her resignation letter to the Board Ella wrote: This job has been one in a million and I could not have asked for a better and more rewarding experience. The caring and support from the Astonished community is incredible, unparalleled, and an honour to have been a part of. I will  always celebrate my time with Astonished and will keep in touch and continue to follow the amazing and meaningful work that is being done. THANK YOU

Ella will be with us until January 15, 2016. Then, Ella and her husband, Ben Matheson, and their dog Bea will be moving to New Westminister, BC. Ben is taking his chiropractic skills to a medical clinic in Surrey, BC. He is also taking his bar tending skills which will be missed at many A! fundraising events.

Ella we wish you a world of adventure, a community of friends, and meaningful work. Remember wherever you go, our love goes with you.

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