Astonished! Leadership Team 2018

Corrie Van Burgsteden, Pagan Racette,  Stephanie Ikekhuamen, Kaitlyn Hoar, Alix Norum (Astonished! Leadership Team),  and Katherine Taylor (Astonished! Program Coordinator) were not daunted by blowing snow and icy streets. On November 5th they met, as they do the first Monday of every month, to organize events for the Astonished! Social Club. Last month was a scary cookie bake-off to celebrate Halloween, this month will be a Regina Cougars hockey game. They plan a variety of social and recreational events in response to the diverse interests of the Astonished! Core Members. For every event they attend to the details of accessibility, transportation, food and beverages, and of course fun. Thanks to this wonderful group of six for keeping the A! Social Club vibrant.

Photo: Corrie Van Burgsteden, Pagan Racette,  Stephanie Ikekhuamen, Katherine Taylor, Kaitlyn Hoar, Alix Norum.

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