Introducing Jessica Opdahl

We are delighted that Jessica Opdahl chose Astonished! for her Health Studies field placement (Faculty of Kinesiology and Health Studies). Jessica is in her final year of Health Studies and hopes Occupational Therapy will be in her future. As part of her Health Studies degree Jessica has taken five courses in Indigenous Health Studies. This has helped her see health care and the wider world from different perspectives.

Jessica loves exploring unfamiliar places, whether in Canada, North America, or different continents. This past summer she travelled in Asia, spending time in the Philippines, Bali, and Vietnam. Although shy by nature, she likes to challenge herself, and sometimes travels on her own. In Asia, she was grateful for the opportunity to met new people, visit places unlike anything she had ever seen before, get through moments of culture shock, and carry many images of beauty and diversity into her daily life.

Jessica is getting comfortable with the Astonished! community, figuring out where she fits and what she can contribute. She is excited to learn, be involved with, and see what happens throughout her field placement. We look forward to discovering this together. Welcome Jessica.

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