Sue Bland

There are a multitude of reasons I want to donate to Astonished!
Here are the first two that came to mind:
I worked at a school for a number of years with a diversity of children. I noticed how our culture excludes many groups of people for a variety of reasons – they are inconvenient, they don’t fit the mold, we haven’t taken the time to get to know them.
It occurred to me that many of those we marginalize have many rich gifts to offer us- in many cases getting to know these individuals better might just the medicine our culture needs. This is true of young adults with complex physical disAabilities and with many other groups as well. Inclusion enriches us all with wisdom and light we might not otherwise have.
One of my daughters has always hummed loudly when happy with the world and what she is up to. I know that she is humming because all is right with her world at that moment. Something like a cat purring. Astonished! gives many young adults opportunities to “hum” – to experience a sense of well-being, belonging and joy. I am inspired by the many people who work to make the Astonished dream a reality. Here’s to Astonished!

You can check out Sue Bland’s art and play shops at Poached Egg Woman

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