Ross Mcnab

My reason for being a Donor is personal.

I’ve been inspired by the energy and devotion of Ruth and Brenda, and by the presence of Bekah, who rolls into Sunset United Church from time to time.

I was a human rights lawyer for the provincial government for twenty years, starting in the late eighties, before the word “inclusion” had the currency it has today. It was way back then that our Supreme Court issued its first Charter “equality” case, in which the Court said, among other things, that the accommodation of differences is the “essence of true equality”. This seems a truism now, but we should not forget how far we’ve come, nor how fragile progress can be.

Human rights often requires that we leave people alone. Just as often, it requires that we do something. Being Astonished is putting into action the recognition that we’re all enriched when we’re all included.

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