Linda Stumpf

I was introduced to Astonished! initially through my friend Sue Bland’s blog. She had been doing some work with one of the researchers and Kennen Dorgan’s picture appeared on her blog. I had known Kennen and her family when I lived in Grenfell so I was very interested in her connection with Astonished! I did a little research myself and was indeed astonished by the dreams and possibilities of this determined group of people! When I last saw Kennen she had graduated from high school and was looking forward to moving on as her sisters had done. The question was “to what?” She seems to have found an answer to this question! The work of Astonished! continues to enable her to discover and pursue her goals. As a former educator I am encouraged by the good work I see happening here and want to support it for Kennen and the other amazing people at Astonished!

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