Brian, Rebekah, and Joy Lindenbach

Remember Maslow (or perhaps this is your first encounter with him)? 40 years ago, when I took my nursing degree, we had a class in Human Psychology which taught Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. For some reason, that class stands out in my memories and over the years I frequently thought about this theory. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is a theory of human motivation and was extended to include observations of humans’ innate curiosity.

Life can be very busy just meeting our  physiological and safety needs. We need air, water, food and metabolic requirements for survival, along with clothing, shelter, personal and financial security and adequate health and well-being. But we all know there is more to life than these basics. Life is richer as we experience and offer love. Life is richer when we offer and experience belonging in our homes and in society. Maslow’s theory suggests that the hierarchies of needs are interrelated, rather than sharply separated, and human needs extend from sustenance to group membership and justice.

We will be celebrating Rebekah’s 25th birthday this summer! As we reflect on the passing of a quarter of a century, we are so grateful to the community of Astonished! Rebekah, her peers/core members, student researchers, staff, family, volunteers, and friends of Astonished! have had and continue to experience an opportunity to know love, belonging, and self-actualization . What a gift! The Big Sky Center for Learning and Being Astonished! has and continues to change all our lives, it’s quite the ‘ride’! We want to extend your HEARTFELT THANK YOU to EVERYONE who supports Astonished! in all the numerous ways. We are better together! (Joy Lindenbach for Joy, Brian, and Rebekah).

THANK YOU Joy, Brian, and Rebekah

83% of our annual budget comes from individual donations.

Joy and Brian donate monthly through our pre-authorized debit donor option.
Rebekah makes a cash donation twice a year.
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