Meet Brenda-Rossow Kimball

Who is this?’ you might ask.

I am a woman. A mother. A wife. A teacher. A student. A friend. A professor. An adoptee. I am the daughter of hard-working farmers. I am tattooed. I am a self-identifying Indigenous woman. I am a writer. A storyteller.

So begins Brenda Rossow-Kimball, A! Board-Chair, in SKY Magazine: Living Well in Saskatchewan, Summer Issue 2016. To read ‘A Story of Acceptance’ click here.

As you browse the magazine you will also find an article about Astonished! by Bonnie Cummings-Vickaryous, A! Executive Director.

Thanks to Brenda, Bonnie, and Lynn Armstrong, SKY Magazine publisher.

Photo: Lynn Armstrong, Brenda-Rossow Kimball, Wilder Kimball
@ Tanys Rae Photography

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