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Introducing Katherine Taylor

Ella: I have been the Program Coordinator at Astonished for the past three years and it has been WONDERFUL. Thank you to the Astonished! Community for everything. My experience has been one in a million and I could not have done it without the support of each and every one of you. I fully believe […]

Astonished Fall Fun BBQ (!)

For the Astonished Summer Fun BBQ, the second time was most definitely a charm. Originally, we planned to have our BBQ a few weeks ago but due to Ervraz Park being closed to the public on our chosen evening, we had to make a very (very!) last minute cancellation. Though disappointed, everyone was so kind […]

Drift Racing – Part two

In a previous blog blog, we mentioned that the Drop Dead Drift Corporation was holding a fundraiser for Astonished! on July 26. An update: We have to say, they came, they saw, they conquered AND overwhelmed us with their generosity!Here, is a truly great group of people looking to get involved and give back to […]

The A! Social Club heads to Mosaic

Mosaic weekend (July 4 -6) is upon us! The Astonished Social Club was so pleased to take in the Kyiv Ukrainian Pavilion at the dress rehearsal for Mosaic on Wednesday, June 3rd. Going to the Ukrainian Pavilion was the idea of Leadership Team member Kaitlyn Hoar, who attends this dress rehearsal every year, and it was […]

Three cheers for Rebekah Lindenbach!

A tribute to Rebekah Lindenbach from the A! Leadership Team: Let’s have three cheers for Rebekah Lindenbach! This hard worker and all around great lady has just completed her final contract as a member of the A! Leadership Team. While on this team, Rebekah enthusiastically planned and implemented many fantastic monthly events for the A! […]