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Much Ado About Nothing

It is amazing how much chaos you can create through lies, deceit, and not checking your facts. Astonished! Core Members and friends witnessed just such chaos first hand. As guests of the Regina Little Theatre, they attended the dress rehearsal of Much Ado About Nothing. This was William Shakespeare with a twist.  It is mind boggling […]

Summer Student Position

Do you love people, technology, literacy, and learning? This could be the summer job for you. This is the third year for the Astonished Summer Literacy program and we are proud of the knowledge and skills we have developed together. The summer literacy program is designed to meet the specific  strengths, dreams, and needs of […]

Designing Together

What do you get when you take one Student Researcher, three Engineering students, two metal fabricators, and team them together in a design project? You get shared knowledge and expertise, you also get a remote control cup holder that works on a power wheel chair. Fourth year Engineering students Marco Vargas, Mashari Alsulleman, and I.B. […]

Susan Sorensen

Edges and horizons have always fascinated me, lines that divide and lines that define. I live near the edge of the Astonished community. Long time friends have been midwives of this amazing vision. I listen from afar, and occasionally visit to receive stories of the struggles, the joys, the spirit and energy of this movement. […]

Devising Inclusive Theatre

Kelsey Culbert, Astonished! Student Researcher is one of  five students in the class “Devising Inclusive Theatre”. The University of Regina course is meant to teach people with disAbilities how to express themselves through theatre. It is a first for the University of Regina and a first for Kelsey. The class will have a performance on […]

Oh What a Night

March 7th 2015 was full of fun and firsts. Our 3rd Annual fundraiser, Wings on Our Wheels ~ Astonished in Flight  flew in on what seemed like the wings of spring. Guests arrived with happy greetings to one another; the vocal sounds of  songstress Rebecca Lascue filled the room like a summer breeze; the children’s […]

Winter Games Rock

The Astonished Winter Games took on a creative flair under the leadership of sisters Sara and Sam Illerbrun, Kinesiology Students at the University of Regina. The gym was filled with laughter, as participants played crazy games like shaking ping pong balls out of a empty Kleenex box. Oh did we mention the Kleenex box was […]

Fabulous Partnerships

Think about some of your best times, your most creative endeavours, your daily life. Who comes to mind? Often we have fabulous partners who help to make our best times, our most creative endeavours, our daily life possible. In this February 2015 e-newsletter we want to introduce you to some of our fabulous partners at […]

JBL Foundation

Mark Leier of the J. B. L Foundation has this to say about the contribution of the J.B. L. Foundation to The Big Sky Centre for Learning and Being Astonished Inc.: As our motto is in honour of St. Jude, we felt Being Astonished is exactly what my father Joseph wanted when he established the […]

Ross Mcnab

My reason for being a Donor is personal. I’ve been inspired by the energy and devotion of Ruth and Brenda, and by the presence of Bekah, who rolls into Sunset United Church from time to time. I was a human rights lawyer for the provincial government for twenty years, starting in the late eighties, before […]