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Celebrating IDPD 2015

Every year on December 3rd people all around the world celebrate the UN International Day of Persons with DisAbilities (IDPD). It aims to increase public awareness, understanding, and acceptance of people with disAbilities, and celebrate the achievements and contributions of people with disAbilities. This year’s theme is Inclusion Matters: access and empowerment for people of all abilities.

We at Astonished! are joining in celebrating this day!   Over the past couple of weeks we have had two events to commemorate this special day: an awareness day with popcorn sales, and our first annual Walk and Roll. We have  been so fortunate to have the help from a group of Kinesiology students who are in Dr. Brenda Rossow Kimball’s KIN 342 class “Developmental Disability and Well Being.” Part of their class requirements were to partner with an organization to raise awareness of IDPD and of the partner organization. This group, Kaili Gilroy, Chelsea Jones, Kaylee Giesbrecht, and Anne Tomyn, set up a booth in the Riddell Centre at the University of Regina and offered popcorn along with information about IDPD and Astonished! While they were set up in the Riddell Centre, they also accepted donations which they contributed to their Walk and Roll team. In total, this group raised $465 for the Walk and Roll fundraiser and also raised awareness of IDPD and Astonished!   Thank you!

Astonished! is also celebrating IDPD by having a party at the Owl on December 3rd from 2:30 until 4:00. If you are interested, please come and share in a toast to IDPD!

Photo: Anne Tomyn, Kaylee Giesbrecht, Kaili Gilroy, and Chelsea Jones