Holiday Feast

On December 14th, 2019, Astonished! hosted our annual Holiday Feast. A! Core Members, families, friends, volunteers, and staff all joined in the festivities. With the Core Members, we began the event with a craft activity by decorating ornaments with paint and lots of glitter. When that was occurring, staff and volunteers were hard at work preparing the food. There was lots of food including turkey, mash potatoes, cabbage rolls, meatballs and to end the night, ice cream for dessert. We had fun coming together and catching up with one another over good food. Thank-you City of Regina for the Social Development Grant, which partially funds our monthly Astonished! Social Club event! Check out our Face Book post for more photos from the evening.

Cultural Literacy

Tuesday evenings, during Astonished! Summer Literacy, students have the option of participating in events that explore various aspects of literacy, for example, cultural literacy. On Tuesday July 16th Kevin Ma taught participants how to make sushi, write some words in Chinese, and sample food that was new to many of the group. The evening was called Asian Fusion. There was lots of laughter, questions, and delight as we tried the different sushi rolls. Thank you, Kevin, for sharing your knowledge and skills with us. Thank you also to the Conexus Community Investment Program for their support of the Astonished! Summer Literacy Program. To see photos from the evening click here….

PHOTO: Katherine Taylor, Sean Davis, Pagan Racette, Maggie Taylor

Let’s Connect Technologies

For many people using digital technology is as familiar as the air they breathe, but for others it is another place of exclusion. Astonished! is delighted to partner with Inclusion Regina in the fall of 2018 to introduce six A! Core Members to online safety and the basics of using an iPad. The program, called Let’s Connect Technologies, enables participants to acquire their own iPads at a minimal price, and introduces participants to a variety of programs, apps, and online safety. Some of the participants were already familiar with the iPad but for others it was their first opportunity to have their own iPad and begin to access the world that is possible with this tool. The pride in the room was palpable. Thanks Inclusion Regina for partnering with us. We gratefully acknowledge financial support from the Lorne and Evelyn Johnson Foundation at South Saskatchewan Community Foundation. To see photos from one of the evening sessions please click here.

The Swing of Things at Astonished!

Our February newsletter puts all our news and events in one easy place. Check out ‘The Swing of Things at Astonished!’ by clicking here……

Astonishing People

Kelly Schnurr is one of the astonishing people we are highlighting in our November 2017 e-newsletter. Kelly is currently completing prerequisite courses for a degree in Social Work at the University of Regina. He is also volunteering with Astonished! To read more about Kelly and some of the other astonishing people in the Astonished! community click here……

A Spooktacular Evening

We celebrated the last A! Dance Project of the year – Halloween Edition! 

With instruction from our friend MacKenzie Drumm, we found our own rhythms, channeled our inner Halloween spirits, and danced to some spooky tunes. Sean took the prize for the best Spooky Spirit. Thank you to the Saskatchewan Community Initiatives Fund for your generous support of the A! Dance Project. To see photos from the evening click here…..

Photo: Ashley, Megan, Amanda

Rocking the Chicken Dance

Did you know the chicken dance was composed in the 1950’s in Switzerland? And even more surprising, did you know many of the Astonished! community can rock the chicken dance? Under the guidance of teacher and choreographer, MacKenzie Drumm, Astonished! hosts the A! Dance Project several times a year. On Thursday evening, July 27th,  we rocked it in the dance studio at the Riddell Centre, University of Regina.  The chicken dance was a surprise introduction, in the midst of pop, country, hip-hop and other music.  Thanks MacKenzie for leading the A! Dance Project in an evening of dance fun, and thanks to the  Community Initiatives Fund for your support of the A! Dance Project. And of course the chicken dance must be followed by late-lunch! To see more photos from the evening………



We are delighted to present the 18 teams (65 team members) who are entered in the A! 2016 Walk and Roll event to take place on Saturday December 3, 2016. Thank you to all the teams, team members, and team supporters. We have 30 days to exceed our fundraising goal. Go Teams! You can support your favourite team or team member by clicking on the team name or participant name.

Every Body Dances

In 2014 Jake Sawa initiated the A! Dance Project. We loved dancing with Jake and the whole community. Last year Jake left for medical school and we found our way, having fun dancing with Ella McIntyre. There is something beautiful about exploring movement and music that invites every body to dance.

Now in 2016 the A! Dance Project is back. Everyone had a blast finding their own rhythms with the help of some great instruction from MacKenzie Drumm! Here’s to many more Dance Projects as fun as this one! Thanks MacKenzie for coming out, and thanks Kevin Ma for planning it!

Photo: Ryan Matheison, Kevin Ma, Ashley Lafaver, MacKenzie Drumm, Heidi Fitzsimmons

Everything from Babies to Sports Bars

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